CES Creative Shoots

"As artists we are always learning and being creative. We are able to challenge ourselves and create unique makeup looks, hairstyles and capture images strategically behind the lens. Our passion continues to grow and we know we will be able to look back and say we inspired other artists and individuals. Below are our CES Creative Shoots! 

Makeup, Hair, Styling, and Photography by Gurp Dhaliwal: Captur-Eyes Studio







This shoot featured a jewelry line called 'The Beautiful Nomad' by Jessica Buell. The shoot progresses from light to dark images and contrasts. The images are strong and powerful, truly capturing the makeup and jewelry. 

Model: Ravina K

June 2013 Creative Shoot: "Rajkumari, The Indian Princess"

Inspired by Rajkumaris and beautiful brides this Creative Shoot was all about the subtle movements, elegant poses and coy smiles. Behind the lens, I was able to capture some beautiful shots. I worked through plants and flowers and we used the dupatta (the veil) as part of the pictures.

Model: Jessie S


May 2013 Creative Shoot: "Timeless Beauty"

Inspired by the classical beauty: Marilyn Manroe, this Creative Shoot was all about red and gold! The clean simple eye and the bold red lip echoed the image of the Timeless Beauty with a modern Indian twist. 

Model: Aman 

April 2013 Creative Shoot: "Dreaming of Morocco"

Inspired by the beaches of Morocco, this Creative Shoot was so much fun. We worked at White Rock beach and drew inspiration from the natural setting. The saree was simple and detailed which we carried through with the heavy smokey eye and curly hair. 

Model: Prab S

July 2013 Creative Shoot: "I Was Here"

Inspired by Beyonce this Creative Shoot highlighted the notion of freedom, peace and strength. Through our form of art we tried to create positivity and hope. Life is too short. Live and be a powerful you. Try new things and go out and be free. Make a difference in the world so you can look back at it all and say “I Was Here”.

Model: Tanvir G


While thinking of the creative for this month I wanted a 'dream like' feel. I envisioned these images in a dream, so I turned them into reality. I didn't think it would be possible with the horses but I had a team of individuals that supported me and I made it possible! I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do! Outfit by: Luxy Creation, Jewelry by Boutique De Luxe, Horses Courtesy of J&M Acres.

Models: Lisa R, Amneet A

march 2015 'The Earth has music for those who listen'

Although it's Spring, it rains a lot in Surrey/Vancouver so I used it to my advantage for this shoot. With so much going on we forget the beauty of nature. This shoot was a marriage between fashion, beauty, darkness, animalistic characteristics, and the ability to lure. The beautiful animal printed saree is from Blacklace Couture.
Model: Nelly

mAY 2015 'let them eat cake'

For the makeup and hair I wanted big, voluminous hair, and smokey eyes. Think, Marie Antoinette meets Lilly Ghalichi! For this creative shoot I envisioned a woman of royalty having a teaparty for one. A beautiful arangement of food, treats, and tea is presented in front of her for her to indulge in. We also used elements of mirrors and carried this concept through her outfit, a lengha with 'mirror work' along the neckline.


Model: Harkirat Deol

Teaparty Arrangement: Teaspoon Treats Co

Outfit and Jewelry: Shimmer Collections


For this shoot we drew inspiration from the Iconic beauties Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. We recreated their poses with a modern indian twist. The makeup was a strong focus on the eyes, clean skin, and bold lips. The hair was clean and pulled back into an updo with the softest touch added by flowers.


Model: Tannu K Gill

Outfit: Luxie Couture

Jewelry: Shimmer Collection

Hair, Makeup, Creative Concept, Photography by Captur-Eyes Studio

Nov 2015 'In the dark the eye begins to see''

Although this shoot was still indian bridal inspired we worked with elements of light and dark to create these beautiful images. We wanted the model to be very well put together with the background darker. We love the images!


Model: Sandy S

Outfit: Delhi Couture 

Jewelry: Shimmer Collection

Hair, Makeup, Creative Concept, Photography by Captur-Eyes Studio

March 2017 'khaab'

This shoot was a bridal inspired look. We made a YouTube tutorial showing how to take the look from bridal morning to bridal evening.


Model: Pavin D

Outfit: Bombay Couture

Jewelry: Bombay Couture

Hair, Makeup, Creative Concept, Photography by Captur-Eyes Studio

Video Shoots 

Here are images from various video shoots we have done for our YouTube channel. Each image has a link to the associated video!


Hair, Makeup, Creative Concept, Photography by Captur-Eyes Studio


February 2013 Creative Shoot: "Red Alert" & "Pure as Gold"

Inspired by Valentines Day, this Creative Shoot incorperated two different looks: First, a sleek top bun with a smokey eye and sublte lip and second a clean wingled liner look and bold fiery red lip with soft curls.  

Model: Lisa R

March 2013 Creative Shoot: "Emerald Daze"

Inspired by the beautiful colours of peacock feathers, this Creative Shoot captured the radience of Emeralds and dark greens. Emerald was a popular colour for 2013. This look included the combination of Emerald and silver. Simply Stunning. 

Model: Ravinder K

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